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2007-08-31 05:26:51 by SlipperyMooseCakes

New Entry: Left Revird, Summer ending, other shit. *UPDATED*

2007-08-02 13:59:11 by SlipperyMooseCakes

So I thought it was time to make a new entry.

So it's pretty much the same old. I have officially left a forum a fellow NG user (Rensen) and I had started 3 years ago. I decided that the 'game' isn't how it use to be and the users for the most people aren't people I want to associate with. I left the forum to Ecke/Dischord. You can read my goodbye there if you're a member. Not a member? Don't bother signing up. Yeah enough with talking about that that's in the past now.


2007-07-17 20:13:14 by SlipperyMooseCakes

This is the new blog. I don't know what to post in it yet but yeah.

Just testing things out.